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American sentenced for exporting U.S. computers to Iran via UAE

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WASHINGTON — An American convicted of trying to export U.S.
computers to Iran has been sentenced to jail.

Jeng Shih was sentenced by a federal district court for 18 months upon
his conviction for conspiracy to export computers to Iran. Federal
prosecutors said the computers were sent to Iran through the United Arab

“Both Shih and his company were also sentenced to forfeiture in the
amount of $1.25 million, for which they are jointly liable,” the Justice
Department said.

The sentencing, which took place in Washington on Feb. 17, ended a
prosecution process of nearly a year. Shih was arrested and indicted
in April 2011 on charges of working with companies in Iran and UAE to export
U.S. computers through his Sunrise Technologies and Trading Corp.

In the end, Shih pleaded guilty to the export of 526 computer units
through the UAE port of Dubai to Iran in April 2010. Later, another 185
units were exported to Iran.

“Shih and Sunrise are denied export privileges for 10 years, although,
this penalty will be suspended provided that neither Shih nor Sunrise
commits any export violations,” Justice said.

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