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Talk and more talk but no action to limit an out-of-control federal bureaucracy


Sol W. Sanders   Growing up in the 1930s, we had a favorite expression: You are talking it to death. And talking to death is about where Washington is on the nation’s fiscal problems, at this writing locked in battle […]

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Koch: Tom Friedman is wrong on Hagel and clearly hostile to Israel

Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel, who were Senate colleagues at the time, at the Amman Citadel in Jordan in July 2008.  /Jim Young/Reuters

Special to By Ed Koch In his December 26 New York Times editorial, Tom Friedman wrote in support of former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel and the possibility that he will be chosen by President Barack Obama as Secretary of […]

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U.S. deems ex-Lebanese official a pro-Assad terrorist

Former Lebanese official and parliament member Michel Samaha was taken into custody by Lebanese internal security.

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has imposed sanctions on a former Lebanese information minister designated a terrorist for his support of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The administration of President Barack Obama said Michel Samaha was a leading […]

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Once called ‘city of churches’, Pyongyang now sees Christianity as top security threat

South Korean Christians sing carols in front of a 100-foot-tall steel Christmas tree, visible to North Koreans living near the DMZ,in Gimpo, South Korea.  /Lee Jin-Man/AP

Special to By Donald Kirk, The fuss made by North Korea over the Christmas lights on a steel tower at an observation post overlooking the demilitarized zone reminds me of a similarly lit tree far inside North Korea. […]

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Celebrate responsibly this New Year!


Townhall Celebrate responsibly this New Year!

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Iran secretly helped N. Korean launch, but U.S. reports it shelved missile program

Iran's Sajjil-2 missile is said to have the potential of carrying a 750 kilogram warhead to about 2,200 kilometers, threatening Israel, Turkey and most of the Arabian peninsula.  /Fars

Special to WASHINGTON — Congress has determined that Iran shelved efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile despite evidence Teheran is working with other nations’ missile programs. The Congressional Research Service concluded that Iran would not develop an ICBM […]

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GREATEST HITS 2012: How Karl Rove, Inc. wasted conservative donors’ $300 million


Special to By Larry Ward and Carter Clews Oddly enough, perhaps the biggest loser in last week’s Republican debacle wasn’t even on the ballot. He didn’t shake a single hand, nuzzle the napes of any newborn babes or promise […]

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N. Korean missile expert emerging as Kim Jong-Un’s new aide

Choe Chun-Sik is believed to be the "mystery man" observed at Kim Jong-Un’s side at the Dec. 16 memorial service marking the first anniversary of Kim Jong-Il's death.   /KCTV/Yonhap

Special to North Korea watchers in Seoul have been paying keen attention to a mystery man who was spotted beside North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un at a ceremony on Dec. 16 marking the first anniversary of his father Kim […]

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Moscow to help UAE with region’s largest nuclear energy program

UAE Energy Minister Mohammed Bin Dhaen Al Hamli.  /AFP/Joe Klamar

Special to ABU DHABI — Russia and the United Arab Emirates have signed a nuclear cooperation agreement. The two countries said they would cooperate in nuclear energy as part of UAE plans to establish a network of reactors over […]

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GREATEST HITS 2012: Kissinger on Israel’s coming demise: Senile, prophetic or merely pragmatic?

Henry Kissinger. /

Special to By Alexander Maistrovoy, Henry Kissinger’s recent statement, that in 10 years Israel will cease to exist, borders on senile. Although one of his staff members denied it, Cindy Adams from New York Post insisted: “Reported to […]

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